Scribble scribble no.1

So, here it is, my first blog on this site.

What do I do?  I write stories for children, mostly picture books but with aspirations for some ‘thicker’ stuff. I also colour in for a living, yes, I’m an illustrator.

Why do I do it?  Because it beats lots of other jobs, I can do it in my pyjamas and tasteless slippers with no make up on, I can listen to what ever music I like, I meet lots of really clever talented people and best of all….I LOVE IT.

Like all jobs there are good days and bad days, bad paint days, good paint days, bad word days, no word days, lots of word days and intense word days. You can follow me here if you can bear to. It might be an interesting journey into the mind and life of an author and illustrator.

What have I done already?  Well, if you are curious about my books so far, you can find me fighting for attention with my character Kip, 2010 CBCA Honour Book (Windy Hollow Books), you can find my name as author on Potato Music, illustrated by the very talented Pete Groves (Omnibus/Scholastic), and I am featured on the cover (name only!) of Purinina, A Devil’s Tale, 2008 CBCA Notable Book (Lothian/Hachette).

I have illustrated many others for wonderful authors and am currently working on a book about dinosaurs in a zoo (see, I have the best job in the world).

Look out, this blog might make you totally jealous or inspire you to distraction, or it might just cause you to pity me…we will have to wait and see.


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5 thoughts on “Scribble scribble no.1

  1. You had me smiling as I sipped my first cup of tea for the day in my black dressing gown and very tasteless slippers! Looking forward to your next blog, Christina.

  2. Oh I *wish* I had the mind of an author *and* an illustrator… I will enjoy reading about yours, and maybe, just maybe, the illustrator bit might rub off. You think?

    Welcome to blogging. 😛

  3. Hello Christina, the comments I have: I like your cousin Mark and his family a lot. Mark is partner to my daughter Fleur! Mark is at the moment sitting right next to me. We are looking at your site!
    The book that appeals to me most is Purinina. Sad story this TD dissease! This book should be translated. Hope to meet you somewhere, kind regards Annelies

    • Hello to you all in Holland. Say hi to Mark for me. My lucky parents are over there at the moment, I wish I could come back over for a visit. Has Mark showed you Potato Music? That one is about our Opa during WW2 in Holland. Yes it is sad about the Tassie Devils, we have now lost over 90% of them. Thanks for writing, it will be good to meet you all as well as Fleur one day. All the best,
      Christina B

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