Scribbly no.2

So, I’m back. Now don’t get excited, I’m not going to be blogging everyday, and it’s not the excitement of the advances I have made in new technology in the last twenty-four hours that brings me here (though advancement is an overstatement, it took me three goes to work out how to approve the first comment posted and I have lost a number of widgets and words that are meant to appear on the page!).

I am writing because I was up so late last night and the wee hours of the morning setting up the blog, I went to bed with a wired brain which  started to  resolve a story  (instead of sleeping) I have been brewing for quite a few weeks now. A ‘thicker’ story, not a PB.

As a writer , as with anyone, I need to do it my way. I have spent a lot of time in the past studying how other ‘famous’ writers do it and thought that must be the way but have now discovered it has to be done your way. That’s what makes us individuals and creates such wonderful unique stories. I am a head writer. I write inside my head and then put it down onto paper. With a picture book, it is usually scribed down the old-fashioned way with a pencil into a 32 page cheap exercise book from Officeworks (they sell them in bulk in January so I go and stock up) then it is typed up on the word processor. I do now however have an iPad (a great Christmas/birthday gift from my patron of the arts, my hard-working hubby who supports my habit) which I can hand write onto also, use in the car when waiting for kids etc etc. For my longer stuff, I work on it for weeks and weeks in my head until I am brave enough to type out some bits and pieces.

It rarely has the same wonder on the screen as it does in my head and to date, after writing 2000 words I am often exhausted, after all, that is equivalent to four picture books and that is a years work on its own.

The new story I am working on will not be measured, it’s a bit like watching the clock during exercise class and that just makes the aerobics seem harder! I am just going to write. Last night I had a new character pop into my head and walk right through it, where he came from I have no idea but he is an important character for my story. I have images now, like a movie running in my head (which is probably why the words never hit the page behaving themselves). My characters have names which is new to me, they often develop as I try to write, and I have a frame-work for the beginning, a middle and the end, if it exists as it may be a hanging one. I even have twists and turns forming and I can hear them speaking…..

In any other place I would be locked away and treated with very strong medication but I love this job, I am meant to be a little insane, off the edge and when I wake up tired, I will probably do my best work because my head kept me awake half the night discussing  a story!

Yawn, off to start my masterpiece….


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One thought on “Scribbly no.2

  1. Hey, congratulations on the new blog! I’m a head writer too. Good luck with the new manuscript 🙂

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