Scribbly 4….more, more, more.

Last night, I actually finished a book. What? A writer struggling to finish reading a book (read last weeks post and you will understand). I have a great pile of books beside my bed that I must (and want) to read. Some are gifts, some are by friends and others are recommended books that will expand my horizons. They are a mixed bag, children’s books, young adult fiction and adult fiction/nonfiction. No picture books because as soon as I own them they are read, the nature of the picture book I suppose.

Last night, after many sittings, I finished Thyla, by my wonderful and clever friend, Kate Gordon. To be very honest, Thyla isn’t the sort of book I usually read, not a quality thing, just a taste thing. Thyla is a paranormal young adult book, one that I know will appeal to that age group. It is well written and doesn’t hang off every bit of teenage angst that exists, it is about a wonderful character called Tessa who is finding out who she is,  not in the self-awareness and discovery way of 16-year-old girls, she actually  has amnesia! But the other discovery bit is in there as well. I enjoyed it. Whilst it is a fantasy world (unless there is something Kate hasn’t told us!) it is still real. Real enough for you to connect with and relate to the characters, to picture them and  begin to know them. And I was totally spoilt, even though the protagonist, Tessa isn’t Kate, it is Kate’s voice I could hear reading me the story, her gentle voice inside my head. A bonus of being friends with the author I suppose, a real gift I hadn’t experienced before.

Now, I have to start a new book. Do I choose the romance I had given to me for my birthday (I’m not a really a romance fan either but then, I have read a few I like and this one is highly recommended by the lovely giver), a novel set in Africa, the series my daughter just loves (The Phoenix Files by Chris Morphew) or the birthday present from my kids, a biography about Roald Dahl, one of my favourite authors of all times? There’s more, so I shall make a grab in the dark and choose that way, hopefully it won’t be too heavy and hit me on the head!

So, what are you all reading?  And what do you do with all of your books?

When we moved house nearly a year ago we came with over 150 moving cartons (including the furniture etc, that was two removal trucks over two days to load and then two days to unload!) Many boxes were filled with books, the removalists said they had never seen so many books in a house. We culled a lot of them and I am thinking I need to try it again. We love our books but we keep having to buy new bookcases. Our old house was 100 years old, came with individual rooms and lots of wall space, I dreamed of lining one whole room with books, a library,we had the space to do it. Our new house is newer, open plan and has lots of large windows through which we sit and watch wildlife such as wallabies, pademelons, kookaburra’s, echidnas and parrots. The price we have paid for that joy are very few walls to place bookcases against. In fact, after a year, I still have our artworks and pictures bubble-wrapped and piled along the hall, wondering where to hang them all. So, do I have to cull books? I think the time has come.

Anyway, this week I plan to start a new book. Unlike my daughter and her dad, I can only read one at a time, I can only exist in one parallel universe at any one time aside from those I am creating for my own work. As I will be working on drawing dinosaurs for a new book by Amanda Niland, perhaps I will have to choose one off my sons shelves, they are probably gathering dust as it has been many years since they were reading about dinosaurs. But like their mother, they see their books as precious and they will sit on the shelves for revisiting and lending to their now,’ almost dinosaur’ Mum

Happy reading.


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2 thoughts on “Scribbly 4….more, more, more.

  1. I wonder if your pile on books on the bedside table is the same size as mine? I congratulated myself last week when I got them down to three but since then they have increased to six again and the pile is still climbing.

    I just finished ‘Contact’, book 2 of Chris Morphew’s Phoenix Files series and loved it. I’m about to get my head into ‘Mara, Daughter of the Nile’ by the very talented Eloise Jarvis McGraw. Can’t wait to read that one which follows my recent reading of her ‘The Golden Goblet’. Considering they were both written in the 1950s and 1960s they’re a fantastic read.

    Currently I’m reading a self-published book by Paula Boer entitled ‘The Okapi Promise’, an adult mystery set on safari in Africa and I’m really enjoying it.

    But I can’t wait to get back to ‘Looking for Enid’, about the mysterious and inventive life of Enid Blyton, and which I put down to read just one other book that then magically turned into about eight.

    There simply aren’t enough hours in the day! And writers are probably even worse at finding the time to read, at least I am.

    • I always feel guilty that I’m not reading enough, though it comes in waves. My pile is pretty big, I’m awaiting the arrival of another bookcase for my bedroom, I think Michael and I both need one each, on each side of the bed, his pile is pretty big as well, though that is because he is a book chewer, he doesn’t consume as quickly as I do.

      The Enid Blyton book sounds interesting, ahh, more to add to the books I need to check out. I naughtily started the one lent to me by Harley yesterday, I tend to push borrowed books to the top of the pile, due to obvious reasons.

      Happy reading Penny, we are spoilt in the fact it is part of our job to do so and it’s great we enjoy our jobs!

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