I’m back!

Some of you, and you can be forgiven, might think I had disappeared off the face of the Earth. Sadly that is exactly what happened. I was kidnapped by an alien force calling itself the ‘END OF SCHOOL REVOLUTION’ in early November, 2011.

Once they finished making their demands, making me sign a peace treaty against my will (We will eat your food if you cook and clean for us) they became bored with my human protestations.

They sold me to a passing alien ship called ‘SILLY SEASONUS’ where I spent time entertaining the rather lovely aliens making a good ‘first, second, third and millionth’ contact.

They decided to release me when we arrived at a distant planet. Called Exerfreeturdert (roughly translates to ARRAY OF VISITATIONS TERRA) with the comings and goings of many species it was certainly a very busy place. I spent time feeding large groups of aliens, recovering lost goods, repairing water sources, erecting temporay habitats, and catering for wonderful cultural exchanges including aging celebrations. They even hosted one for me on a small scale.

Feeling homesick I managed to procure a cheap fare on a departing freighter named ‘ADDITIONAL ARRIVAL’. This ship was filled with tired aliens, very lovely and accomodating but busily preparing for a new alien with due at any time. I was treated to being able to assist them in this occasion and even got to see the new arrival and help care for the younger members of the species while the elders got some rest and established a new nest.

A number of stop off’s and visits to new and wonderful places drew me closer to home until, apprehensively, I found myself back on board the ship with the Revolutionary aliens as they were heading back towards EARTH and the freighter chose to divert to a place of sleep and hopeful rest.

I spent my time aboard the original alien ship clothing, feeding and helping them prepare for a new revolution, ‘RETURN TO ED-OLUTION’. Slowly their fighting and pushy ways subsided and they unhappily returned to their pre-revolutionary state. The leader packing his belongings, leaving the ship for a new start elsewhere, I recall it as a planet called ‘UNI’.

Very glad to be returned home, my family had almost missed me and I discovered that Hubby had taken holidays and had been out star gazing.

Sadly sleep-ins have been exchanged for bus runs and lunch cutting. However, the house, chaotic from its early whirlwind departures is home and my human life can return to normal……..I think. In the meantime I can consider a return to work (a publishing contract might be brinking and a number of grants and applications are pending). A novel to edit and finalise lets me know 2012 is well underway and in full swing and that my alien adventure is already a dark distant memory with some treasures tucked away.

It’s good to be HOME!
(Stay tuned for my writing adventures of 2012, thanks for your patience).

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One thought on “I’m back!

  1. I really like the new look blog, Christina!
    Cheers, Marjory

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